A black man rides a bus restricted to whites only, in Durban. In an act of resistance to South Africa’s apartheid policies, 1986.

look at their faces. upset that this black man dared to exist in their space

It’s sad how terrified he looks.

the fear in his eyes man :/ 

not even “their space”. Europeans invaded South Africa, separated Black people from their own country and dared to be aghast at their want to considered humans. This was just 28 years ago, guys!! 


Explain how white people can’t go out in the summer without sunscreen on yet we are to believe they thrived in the deserts of Africa?

How come they don’t find any white mummies? All evidence suggest that the bodies found in the tombs are of Afrikan ancestry.

Afrikan societies across the continent predates all others on the planet yet we learned from the Greeks? Afrikan dynasties were on the decline when Europeans were leaving the confines of their caves. Meaning we thrived for millennia before whites knew what a civilization was.

The media’s depiction of my ancestors as white people is highly offensive and very disrespectful.

To quote Paul Mooney, “Jesus was Black and so was Cleopatra.”


Just wanted to share this with everyone really quick. The reason is because we need to be aware of what kind of people are within the law enforcement branch. This man forced his way into my moms house (without any proper documentation) AND did not specify why he was arresting my brothers friend. He was asked countless times why and he NEVER answers him. He didn’t even read him his rights!…I’ll post the video up later….smh Louisiana AND Jefferson parish…..



DEA Agent Was Told Not To Enforce Drug Laws In White Areas (Must Watch)

Don’t believe there’s a racial element to the War on Drugs? As a former U.S. marshal and special agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency, Matthew Fog witnessed the astonishing inequity of the War on Drugs firsthand. This is his story.

i think this is one of those teaching moments for white people and non-black people of color because black people knew this LOOOOOOOONG ago. i grew up in the neighborhood where suck attacks went down. we knew they weren’t doing it like that in park slope. we knew because we walked over there and noticed the difference immediately.










Yesterday’s story of the elderly NYC man who was beaten bloody by police for jaywalking today gets a tragic companion from Philadelphia:

A 16-yr-old African American boy was sexually assaulted by a police officer during a “stop and frisk” pat-down. The assault was committed with such violence that the youth’s testicles were literally ruptured.

Now, Darrin Manning of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania may never be able to father children, according to the doctors who performed surgery on his virtually destroyed testicles.

Darrin was a star basketball player with no criminal history to speak of. He was a straight-A student who never got into any sort of trouble. He was with his teammates heading to a game right after school when he encountered an officer who decided he was “suspicious” and needed to be subjected to local “stop and frisk” procedures.

Though no official reason has been given for the stop and frisk, Darrin and the other (uniformed) members of the basketball team who were stopped suggest it was because they were wearing scarves over their faces to protect against the extreme cold Philadelphia, like much of the country, has suffered this winter.

Darrin was put in handcuffs. When the officer began “frisking” him, they grabbed hold of Darrin’s genitals so hard, pulled and twisted, that the teen’s genitals literally tore off.

“I felt the officer reach and grab my butt. Then the officer grabbed my testicles and squeezed again and pulled down. And that’s when I heard something pop, like I felt it POP,” Manning said.

The incident has left the 16-year-old with felony charges of assault and resisting arrest.

"I’m just grateful that they just didn’t kill him," said Darrin’s mother.

I will never stop being angry. Because this is our new status quo.

What the fuck

This is fucked beyond comprehension. And yet we know how this will end.

Dear Lord.

Y’all swear it’s dangerous for poc only in Florida.


Fuck the system 🔪

Cops need cameras on their badges

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